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 Due to Covid-19 the Mission’s Hours of Operation have changed

We are serving lunch from 10:00-12:00, carryout only. No breakfast at this time.

The Warehouse is closed for shopping.

Giving out Food Boxes to Veterans and Seniors on Monday or Tuesday night. Please check our Facebook page for times.

Thursday is Food Box Day for everyone else.

Office Hours are 9:00 to 2:00

Arkansas remains second highest in the nation at 17.2 percent of households whose members-at time-experience loss of access to enough food for an active, healthy life.   More than 515,000 Arkansans struggle to get enough to eat.  Of that total, 165,000 are children.  One in four Arkansas children, or 23.2 percent, are at risk of hunger.

Rural counties account for 79% of the highest rates of food insecurity.

Of U.S. counties with the highest rates of food insecurity, 89% are in the South.

With the economy deteriorating on a daily basis, the number of homeless individuals and families are ever increasing.  With the various layoffs or cutting of hours many families find themselves unwillingly on the streets. Many families who are not yet homeless are struggling to keep their homes and provide food for their families.  During the summer months the problem escalates when school has let out and children who normally would get a free lunch no longer have that option available. Desperation sets in as parents and individuals try to maintain dignity and independence. The Main Street Mission (MSM) offers a compassionate and supportive environment where families and individuals can seek relief in finding food while maintaining their dignity and while searching for stability during a period of profound crisis.

In 2019 we provided clothing for 3,103 people, gave furniture to 59 families, gave 2,461 food boxes and served 23,000+ meals.  Here is how you can help us carry out the mission of feeding the homeless in the River Valley: help us by donating money toward the monthly land payment and get credit toward your taxes by your yearly giving. Use the Network for Good button at the left to make a donation; drop off your donation at the Main Street Mission Office or mail to 1110 E 2nd St., Russellville, AR 72801.

In our warehouse and kitchen, families and individuals who cannot afford the increasing cost of food and/or do not have a place to cook can come and find relief. In the kitchen individuals can receive a hot meal in a temperature controlled dining room.

Our MSM staff and volunteer team provide clothing and furniture for burnouts, hot food for those who cannot cook, and groceries for those who have a capability to cook.  MSM also provides food boxes for people whose homes were destroyed by fire, tornados, and storms.   Further, we network with other organizations to assist the people in finding employment, and housing.